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We provide Purchase Protection specifically designed for the e-commerce industry.

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Give your buyers the Order Delivery Protection they need

Purchase Protection to your customer’s orders

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What we do

If you own an e-commerce store and work with multiple vendors, you know how it feels when your customers say that they didn’t receive their order, AND want a refund – It Sucks!

Most of the time it is not because of you; a lot of things can happen. The contents can be damaged, or the package can go missing, order/tracking records get messed up and the wrong item is delivered.

Still, you get the blame, a bad review and a request for refund – not fair at all, right?

Remove all the risks related to shipping and delivery by having your orders protected by a third party

You don’t have to haggle with customers, vendors or live under the fear of bad reviews – EVER AGAIN

Safeguard Your On-Line Purchase Against The Unexpected.

Purchase Protection gives your customer a replacement item or full refund in the event that the purchased item does not arrive or is damaged.

Our App

The Most Powerfull E-Commerce Productivity Tool On The Internet

Secure your product delivery to your customers!

We give your customers the confidence that if their items are lost or damaged in transit, they will be replaced promptly with no fuss.

You don’t have to worry about dealing with customer complaints, so you can concentrate on growing your business!

How it works

Step 1

It integrates into the checkout of your e-commerce store and provides a simple way for your customers to protect the transit of the purchase.

Step 2

Once the order is confirmed, your customers will get an email confirming the protection of their purchase with a link to make a claim.

Step 3

From that point, we take care of everything. If the item is damaged in transit, or lost along the way we will replace it with another item right away.

Step 4

You get more sales and 5-star feedback; your customers get what they ordered; simple and cool, isn’t it!

Assure Mate is a customizable app and you have full control over how product delivery works on your online store

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